Friday, December 20, 2013

Tracks & Traces

TRACKS & TRACES is a contemporary multimedia dance performance, that exploring how our bodies remember a person through the senses: smell, photos, temperature, lipstick stain, sounds, writings, etc. Focusing on touch, sight and hearing, how it links to memories or histories. The performance is using coffee powder as the main medium. So I used some ink and powder effect to draw these illustrations. I'm happy with the outcomes. 

All done in photoshop.

Feel free to check out more in my behance portfolio!

Wonder Cups

Wonder Cup  一杯解烦忧

A series of posters done for Yomeishu, a product that promotes blood circulation and thus solving many kinds of health problems. These posters illustrate the Yomeishu cup as a tool to round up the sheep, a vortex that consumes a lot of food, and a pulley that lifts heavy loads, therefore conveying Yomeishu's ability to improve sleep, increase appetite and maximise strength and stamina.

Feel free to check out more in my behance portfolio!

Illustrations for 1Mont Kiara Mall

Easter Day illustration press ad

Mother's Day illustration
(collaborated with Little Finfin)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CNY work

2013 CNY press ad done for Mont Kiara.

Work in Alpha 245

 Some works that I have done in Alpha 245.


-Unicef Postcard 2011-
Thank you the donors for supporting Borneo Child Aid Society 
to enhance the learning experience for Children in Sabah.

-Birthday Pack Card Cover 2011-
(outer and inner)
donation form card cover


-Yomeishu CNY 2012 Print Ad-


-Sunway Megasale Ad 2012-


-GE Raya E-card-

-GE Deepavali Greeting Card-
Illustration of the story of deepavali.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012